All our lives, we have heard the proverbs ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ or ‘Health is Wealth.’ If we pause for a moment to introspect into the meaning, they essential point towards one thing – and that is – being clean. Now, more than ever, cleanliness and hygiene has become prominent topics of discussion. It begins from us, and impacts our families, society and everyone around us for the better.

Building A Cleaner Future; Staring Today.

Sri Home was established with the purpose of making cleaner homes, a possibility. We provide access to hygiene through our exclusive range of products, focusing on various aspects of a clean home – Bathroom, Kitchen, Apparel, Vehicle and more.

We are built uniquely with honesty and commitment at the core. We put our customers ahead in priority. All our products are carefully created to satisfy their needs and make their space a safe and happy home!

At Sri Home, we go the extra mile in quality testing and perfecting our products based on your reviews. We care about your home just like ours, we are committed to a dirt-free, hygienic lifestyle that will make you worry less and live more!


Original Formulation

Our product concoctions and created, tried and tested by our experts. We keep upgrading our formulations to serve you better.

Highly Effective

Every product of ours does what it exactly says.
We stand for quality and commitment and deliver nothing but the best.

Cruelty Free

We care for our pet-pals as much as we care for your wellness. We follow ethical standards of testing and strictly refrain from testing on animals.


Born out of our founder’s vision to provide quality home care products for all the classes, we have travelled a long road to reach where we are today.

Hailing from an agricultural background, R. Jeyaraj went on to serve multiple MNC’s for over 35+ years of his life. Known for his dedication and ability to take ownership of the task bestowed to him, he served a long, successful term with International Flavours and Fragrance (IFF).

After three decades of expertise in Projects and Operations, he decided to live his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.


Sairam Industries was born


Collaborated with Lanxess - started manufacturing specialty leather chemicals


The ideation, study and trials for Sri Home began


Inauguration of grand facility for Lanxess with a production capacity of 2000 Tons of powder products and 500 Tons of liquid products


Launch of our detergent brand - WASO


Launch of our complete range of home care brands - GLOZY (Glass Cleaner), LIMOZ (Dish Wash Cleaner), MOPIT (Floor Cleaner) & HYGIX (Toilet Cleaner)


Launch of our fabric conditioner brand - FLOWERZ


Joined hands with TFL to break our own production records in leather chemicals manufacturing