6 easy tips to make dishwashing fun

Washing dishes is a tedious task, let us admit! So, if you’re having a hard time washing your dishes, check these six useful tips to make dishwashing way more fun and more accessible.

Dispose the leftover food on the plate immediately-

It is a tiring process to scrub off the food stuck in the plate when left untouched and unnoticed in the sink. Furthermore, when dirty dishes are left out for an extended period, moisture evaporates from the food, forming a solid bond with the surface they are sitting on, making it hard to scrub away the food. Hence, to make it easier, always prioritize disposing of the leftover food.

Invest in a good Dish wash gel or bar-

Choose a dish wash liquid or soap best suitable for your convenience, which assures you to clean a heap of utensils with just a few drops or one scrub from the soap. Make sure it gives a pleasant fragrance post washing your utensils. Also, it must have a neutral pH that is gentle on hands and does not damage the surface of delicate cookware.

Do not pile up your utensils-

What can be worse than a huge pile of utensils growing bigger and bigger? Nothing worse than this! The more the utensils, the less the interest level in washing them and also, it becomes a longsome process to do. So, don’t let your sink turn into Mount Everest. Instead, tackle your utensils now and then to prevent them from ever getting out of hand.

Maintain an order-

Always try to maintain order while making your utensils. Start with glassware, move on to cutlery, plates, and bowls. Then wash the steel vessels and finally grease pots, pans, and kadais.

Use a dish rack-

A dish rack is the most necessary item in your kitchen. Try getting a huge one to avoid overflow. So, the dish rack can accommodate all your utensils adequately, and let it try without cluttering up your whole shelf.

Let the utensils soak-

We understand it’s tempting to start scrubbing utensils right away but do yourself a favor and let those dishes soak in a sink of lukewarm water first. By doing this, it’ll loosen food particles and save your hands from sponge-induced fatigue.

Wrap up-

Behold the above six tips for a smooth and easy dishwashing process. The best in the market we highly recommend is LIMOZ- a dishwashing detergent formulated in gel form. Available in liquid & cakes too.