The Science Is Ours; The Sales Is Yours!

Have you been wondering to find your foothold in the home care market?

Unlike your competitors, we encourage you to step in!

We believe in utilizing our expert workforce to its optimum. We undertake contract manufacturing of our products, right from the initiation till the delivery. We handle each project with utmost care and precision just like our personal ones.

We couple our best practices with our advanced tech to create products of the finest quality and consistency.

We are committed to serving you with products that stand the test of time. We focus on your manufacturing so that you can focus on the sales and build your market!


Specific Formulations For Your Special Needs.

We identify ourselves as creators. We are an expert team of ideators, formulators, go-getters and doers who are adept with all the essential knowledge to bring your product ideas to life. We have an in-depth understanding of the industry, right from the science, to the laws and even the marketing aspects required for your product.

After procuring a holistic understanding of your needs, we undertake a New Product Development project right from the ideation till the execution. We are equipped with state of the art infrastructure with laboratories, testing and evaluation facilities, warehousing, logistic bandwidth and more. We can further assist you with the legal technicalities, trademarking and certifications and other procedures as well.

Offers and Combo Packing

We also curate custom made kits and combos as per your requirements. We undertake orders for kits with offer stickers, shrink wrapping or nets. You name it and we make it!